Make your day extra special with us

Firstly may we congratulate you on your engagement and thank you for considering Brixington Community Church for your forthcoming marriage.

Brixington Community Church offers a great location for a wedding ceremony to celebrate your special day. The Minister, Rev’d Simon Atkinson and Mr John Watson are both registered to conduct weddings on the premises.

Why get married in church?

Getting married at Brixington Community Church means that you make your promises to each other and before God. The wedding vows that you take include certain words that have to be said by law for the ceremony to be legal and valid, but otherwise the service can be tailored to suit your requirements, including your choice of music, hymns, prayers and readings.

Who can get married at Brixington Community Church?

You don’t have to be a member at Brixington Community Church to get married here and we do consider requests for a wedding service from people who have been divorced or who are living with their partner. For an informal chat about getting married, please contact the Minister. We ask that couples attend a marriage preparation course as we believe that this helps couples prepare for a lifetime of marriage together.

Legal matters

You will need to attend your local Register Office.  If one party is living elsewhere you will need to visit your local office there as well.  Your intention to marry must be registered no more than one year ahead and no less than four weeks prior to the date of the wedding.  The earlier you can get this dealt with the better.  You will need to take with you both of your birth certificates (and Decree Nisi if one or both parties have been married before).

The certificate must then be collected from the Registrar’s Office not less than 21 days after you have registered, and then delivered (at least 2 weeks before marriage) to the church.

What else can we offer?

As part of the wedding ceremony there are a number of choices available to you as you plan your special day, and they are as follows:

  1. We have a projection system that we use to project the words of your choice of songs and hymns, alternatively you can arrange for a printed order of service to be produced.
  2. We have a sound system that could be used by a musician to play or sing during the service.
  3. We can also play pre-recorded music from a CD or memory stick.
  4. We can provide a pianist to play at your service and this could include other members of our band.

For further information on costs and an informal chat do contact the minister at the church office.